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OMG! This sundress is beauuuutiful! Your friends are going to be jealous. They're going to beg you, "Please, please tell me where you got that sundress!?!" But you'll never tell will you? Don't worry we'll keep your secret. Oh BTW, your husband or BF won't be able to keep his eyes off of you in this sundress, so be careful! Don't say we didn't warn you! You're going to have so much fun wearing your sundress on your next vacation to Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Caribbean, Key Largo and the Bahamas (Isn't that a Beach Boy song?). Or maybe you'll wear it on a date for dinner out on a hot Saturday night. Wear it to the beach, resort, cruise, lake, on the yacht, or poolside. Town or country, you'll have so many places to wear this sundress. Plus, your sundress is an exclusive design, you won't find these sundresses anywhere else but here. Our sundresses are handmade by the finest tailors in Bali especially for us and you. These sundresses are hand painted or batik, this makes each sundress a work of art, with no two alike. Also comes with adjustable halter top straps and stretch back for a great fit. We use top quality rayon that is silky soft and ultra comfy and perrrrrfect for the hotter temperatures. Try one on!


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