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Inlaid Bamboo Sarong Ties - Set of  8

Add this sturdy and stylish sarong tie to make sure your sarong stay on. This sarong tie is made on the exotic island of Bali. Bamboo is cut and inlaid into the resin sarong. Fast and easy to use, just pull the corners of the sarong through the sarong tie and then make a half-knot and you're on your way. Your sarong stays securely on and there is no need to keep retying your sarong. Instead of a big bulky square knot on your hip you just put the sarong tie on and have a flatter tie on your waist. Measures 3 x 2.5in (7.5 x 6.2cm). Please note color, size and design will vary due to the hand-crafted and organic nature of this item.Price is for qty. 8


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