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Sterling Silver Paua Shell Pendant with Silver Chain

A stunning Paua Shell with Sterling Silver necklace that will go beautifully with any outfit of your choice. From the beach to a night on the town…you'll look great everywhere. Measures 1x9.75in. (2.5x24.5cm). What is Paua shell you may ask? Paua Shell is a rare and exotic shell that is found only in New Zealand. Paua is a type of mollusk in the Abalone family. Many people commonly mistake Paua Shell as regular Abalone Shell, but compared to Abalone, Paua Shells contain much stronger more vivid colors. You can see this beauty of Paua for yourself in our pictures. When you purchase Paua Shell products you support an eco-friendly product because Paua Shell is managed and farmed. Plus, you get a rare and one of a kind item. Please note color, size and design will vary due to the handcrafted and organic nature of this item.


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