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Group of 8 Imperfect Sarongs

Liquidating our imperfect/defective sarongs. This will contain 5 sarongs. Please find our imperfect sarongs as an assorted group. Assorted means we pick the design from our group of defective sarongs for you. This is more of a grab bag or pot luck approach. Picture is for reference only. If you prefer to pick your color or designs then please see our "Sarong Gallery" for specific designs. Sarong measures approximately 66 x 44 inches (168 cm x 112 cm). *Please note color and design will vary. All sarongs purchased are "Buy As Is", No returns or exchanges accepted.


ATTENTION: 1 World Wholesale is a manufacturer and wholesale company selling directly to qualified businesses and organizations with a $100 dollar minimum order.

If you are a retail customer or shopping for yourself please go to our retail website 1 World Sarongs. Thank you.

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