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Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant

Elegant Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl shell pendant is great for your cruise vacation or night out! Radiating. Measures 3x3.4in. (7.5x8.5cm). Mother of Pearl is one of nature’s most precious gifts. Its natural gleam of soft rainbow colors brings instant joy to anyone who gazes upon its lustrous shining surface. Putting Mother of Pearl in a class all its own. What is Mother of Pearl made of you may ask? Simply, Mother of Pearl is made from the shell of a mollusk. Most Mother of Pearl shell is found in the South Seas mainly. Some Mother of Pearl mollusk names you may recognize are Abalone and Oysters. Mother of Pearl made into jewelry are found in tropical places like Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia but not limited to these regions and can be found in other places around the world. Mother of Pearl has hundreds if not thousands of different varieties. Each Mother of Pearl species has its own unique characteristics. We like Mother of Pearl because they are all natural too…no machines can ever duplicate their beauty. Plus, they're organic, exotic and just like the name implies...the "Mother" of pearls. That's right; pearls are born from the mollusks secretions. When a mollusk is agitated with let’s say a grain of sand…it then starts to coat the sand with these secretions. These secretions over time produce pearls. The shells of these mollusks are also made from these same secretions. So that's why the shell is called Mother of Pearl. The same deep rich lusters that pearls have are also inherited in Mother of Pearl. When polished the mollusk's shell has an amazing shine and iridescent luster. This polished shell or Mother of Pearl is what our artists use for creating beautiful jewelry. You'll find the iridescent of Mother of Pearl catches light and reflects it back in an irresistible soft hypnotic rainbow of colors. Similar to our Paua shell jewelry and other items, we strive to purchase our Mother of Pearl from renewable and environmentally friendly sources. Please note color, size and design will vary due to the handcrafted and organic nature of this item.


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